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Merchant Property And Services makes lives easier for all the landlords out there, finding it hard to manage their rental property. Our highly professional property managers are experienced enough to handle all the matters regarding property management in Atlanta, ga

From finding the perfect tenant to managing complaints and evictions, they do it all. Not only that, but they will also set the desired rent and perform activities like rent collection. You don’t have to worry about anything as we’ll take complete care of your property, whether it is property inspections, maintenance, or repairs.

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Property Management Services

As your property manager, we will market and advertise your property, perform tenant screening, rent collection and handle tenant move-in and move-out.


As responsible property managers, we handle all tenant-related issues like finding and screening applicants, resolving complaints, managing bad tenants, and checking their credit.


We assist property owners and landlords with setting the desired rent amount and also ensure that the property is occupied by trusted tenants. We also collect rent on your behalf and communicate any rent increases to tenants.

Property Inspection

Maintaining your property to ensure that it remains in liveable condition for current tenants and tenants to come in the future. We handle all the aspects of the physical management of your property.


Client’s Feedback

Hello, just want to thank you for everything that you have done for us throughout the whole process. It was not easy for us being the first-time buyers, but you guys made it easier for us to purchase our very first home.

Philip Hopps

As a business owner, I wanted to a plan that provides security to my company, employees, and assets. Thankfully I ended up with Merchant Property and Services as they helped me in protecting the future of my company with an amazing business insurance plan.

Joseph Carey

I bought a new car and before I get on the road the first thing I wanted was auto insurance for my car. Merchant Property and Services made the process simple and quick and I was able to find the perfect policy. Highly recommended!

Laura Marshall
Expert Agent
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